Molds — Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors in Springfield, MOAre you in need of a new AC unit because the old unit is not really cooling down your home? If so, you do not want to make the mistake of getting an AC unit that is too big. A large AC will not automatically make your home colder, since it can cause a lot of problems that may require you eventually get the properly sized air conditioner anyway. These are the problems you could run into with an air conditioner that is oversized.

Mold Growth & Condensation

One issue you'll run into with an oversized AC is condensation and potential mold growth in your home. This problem occurs because you have too much cold air flowing through your ductwork very quickly. The cold air will not be able to flow naturally through your ductwork due to the force that it is traveling at. You'll find that air is becoming trapped within your ductwork rather than flowing through to the vents, and there will be issues with condensation forming deep inside the air ducts.

Condensation is essentially water that is collecting on the walls of the ductwork, which will eventually lead to mold growth. These places are the hardest areas in your home to check and clean, so you may not realize that it is a problem until it is too late.

While mold growth inside the ductwork can be cleaned by a ductwork cleaning company, the mold that forms from condensation on the outside of the ductwork will be a bigger concern. You will end up needing to break open the walls of your home to get to the hidden mold, which can be an unnecessary expensive repair.

Excessive AC Cycling

Imagine if you drove your car and turned the engine off and on every time you stopped. That would not be good for the engine, which is why it makes much more sense to idle the car at a red light. The same logic applies to your air conditioner.

An air conditioner is able to run efficiently when your home can maintain a constant temperature and the AC remains off, or the AC runs on low to maintain the temperature. The problem with an oversized AC is that it will be cycling on and off excessively, which puts a lot of wear and tear on the unit.

The excessive cycling happens because the cold air is pushed into the room quickly, and then the thermostat reaches the set temperature and turns off the cold air. Except the room with the air didn't slowly cool down the whole home due to the oversized air conditioner, and so the temperature rises again faster than normal. The air conditioner turns right back on and the cycle repeats itself. Having the correctly sized AC unit will fix this problem.

Uncomfortable Temperatures

Problem with an oversized AC is going to make your home feel uncomfortable in the summer when it is hot out. The excessive cycling is going to make the home feel like it is never a consistent temperature, or the ductwork problems are going to cause some rooms to feel hotter than others because the air is not flowing properly.

In addition, having an oversized AC will cause issues with removing humidity in your home. Air must cycle through your HVAC system to pass through the dehumidifier, and excessive cycling prevents the air from constantly moving and removing humidity. This issue leads to a home that feels uncomfortable to stay in.

Knight Heating and Air Conditioning LLC can help you select the properly sized air conditioner for your home so that an oversized unit is not a problem.