AC Unit — Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors in Springfield, MONeed to add an HVAC system to your home? Instead of using a traditional furnace and air conditioner, you may want to have a heat pump installed. While heat pump units are not very common, they have many benefits when compared to traditional heating methods that make them a viable option. Be sure to know about these reasons to have a heat pump installed.

Ability To Cool

Many homeowners do not realize that heat pumps can cool down homes as well; this confusion stems mainly from the fact that the appliances are called heat pumps. However, if the heat pump is able to move warm air into your home in the winter, it can move hot air to the outside of your house in the summer.

You may enjoy having a single system to serve for both your heating and cooling so that you are not maintaining two systems over the years.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner looks for ways to cut down on their heating and cooling expenses, and a heat pump is one way to do it. A heat pump can save you approximately 30%-40% of electricity if you use an electric powered furnace or baseboard heater instead.

The reason that a heat pump can save so much money is because this utility does not create heat. It actually transfers heat in or out of your home. Since a heat pump does not create any sort of heat, you can make your home more comfortable without using that much additional energy.


A problem with forced air HVAC systems is that the air is not evenly cooled or heated. Air must travel through the vents, and rooms far away from the blower could receive air that is several degrees off from the air near the blower. It will cause rooms to feel different in temperature, which can make parts of your home uncomfortable.

A heat pump works by moving air in or out of your entire home. The result is a home that feels most even throughout. This also makes a heat pump a great choice for homes that have additions, since the HVAC going to these rooms is often an afterthought and makes them feel less comfortable.

Quiet Operation

If the noise of a heat pump is a concern, know that it runs very quietly when compared to a furnace. The loudest part of a heat pump is going to be the compressor found outside your home, and you shouldn't be able to hear it with your doors and windows closed.

In comparison, you'll often hear a furnace cycle on and off, which could be a problem if you have bedrooms right next to where the furnace is located. A heat pump's evaporator in your home is very quiet, and you won't even notice it turning on and off.

Small Footprint

A furnace can take up a lot of room in your house, with many places having a dedicated mechanical room for the appliance. This is a lot of room in your home that could be used for other purposes. A heat pump will have a very small footprint in your home. If you are tight for space, know that you do not need to dedicate an entire room to the heat pump.

While a heat pump does use an outdoor compressor, the only thing that is installed in your home is an evaporator. The evaporator can even be placed high on the wall, allowing you to place other furniture underneath it. If you have a small home, a heat pump can help you reclaim some space.

Still have questions about heat pumps? Knight Heating And Air Conditioning LLC can assist with selecting and installing one for you.